Graduate Credit from SUNY


Participants of the Learning 2.014 Asia Conference at NIST International School have the opportunity to obtain one graduate credit from Buffalo State, State University of New York (SUNY).

The cost of the credit is $90.00 U.S. dollars.

The course will be identified as:

EDU 594: Creating Significant Programs and Leaders in American/ International Schools.

Those interested in obtaining one graduate credit must:

  • Check the requirements from SUNY.
  • Actively participate in workshop sessions.
  • Write a reflection of their learning over the course of the professional development sessions and send it to the conference representative jeff (at)
  • Complete the SUNY registration form and submit the required documentation.


14 thoughts on “Graduate Credit from SUNY”

  1. Question about the SUNY credits:
    Is there only a 1-credit option? Are there and 2-3 credit options available?
    Thank you!

  2. I registered for the conference last week and paid by credit card. So far I have not received an acknowledgement. Can anyone advise??

    1. Hi Gareth,

      I can confirm that your registration has been received and processed. You (and all participants) should be receiving an email in the next 24 hours with details of your extended session choices. Sorry for the delay!

  3. Hi
    I need this 1 -credit from SUNY – is there a reg form for this course number and/or contact person. When is the paper due? Thanks.

  4. I just received an email from SUNY that no one has contacted them for approval of this conference. She is saying that we cannot count on this conference counting for credit. Can someone please get back to us on this? I need this 1-credit and wonder if someone can sort this out with SUNY prior to Learning 2 starting?


  5. I am also interested in credit from SUNY for teacher certification renewal. Please advise on the specifics such as the assignment parameters, and contact person. Thank you!

  6. Good day ya’all
    Can we get an update on where we get the form for this, how we must pay (is it US check only, or is there a credit card option?), along with what the deadlines for submission are for the reflection?
    Also, is the contact Jeff Utecht (

  7. From what I understand. You get the form from Cathy Molenda @ SUNY, you send her $90 cheque or money order (no credit card option) and this is all due by Nov. 15. You also need to name the presenter and write a paper (or blog post?) and submit to someone at Learning 2 who can verify to SUNY that you have “completed” the course.

  8. Hi All,

    I was just thinking that nobody mentioned the SUNY credit during the conference, and there is an unanswered question in this forum about whether the single credit has been approved or not. Does anyone know?

    @Aja – my experience with SUNY has been that you can pay with USD cheque or money order only, no credit card options at all. And yes, from the information above you would email which is Jeff Utecht, with your reflection paper. There should also be an official SUNY registration form for the “course” this credit is attached to, which there is no mention of here.

    Puzzling for sure. Cheers, Nick

  9. Still hoping for information if this can be processed. The registration form (.pdf) from SUNY is required in order to make payment. Can that be posted / provided? Thanks for any info on wrapping up a great conference.


  10. Yes, you can receive the 1-credit for attending the conference. The deadline for submission of all paperwork was Nov. 15 but I also saw Dec 1 on another site. Either way, you need to send SUNY $90, the reg. form which SUNY can send you and a written blogpost reflection that jeff has seen and given the ok on.

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