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Advanced Google Apps for Education

Educators all over the world are adopting Google Apps for Education to enhance their practice. This session is aimed at educators that want to build on their existing knowledge of Google Apps and explore the more advanced tools for productivity and collaboration. Familiarity with Google Drive, Sheets, Presentations highly recommended. A key focus will be on learning to use a set of add-ons and apps to streamline your classroom.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how Google Scripts and Apps can improve your classroom
  • Gain a ‘toolbox’ of Scripts and Apps to empower your classroom
  • Explore different Scripts and Apps
  • Gain information on how to create your own Apps
About Christopher

Christopher Bell is a Technology Coordinator in the High School at International School Bangkok.  He has been an educator for 14 years.  He has been a Teacher, Librarian, and a Technology Director.  He constantly seeks to learn and attempts to encourage this in others in every crazy way possible.  You can follow Christopher on Twitter @ChristopherBell or on his Blog at

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