Leaders and Extended Sessions

  1. Adam ClarkAdam Clark
    Understanding Parenting in a Time of Constant Connection
  2. Andrew ChurchesAndrew Churches
    Rethinking Learning in the Age of Technology
  3. Andrew McCarthyAndrew McCarthy
    Digital Approaches to Formative Assessment
  4. Charlotte DillerCharlotte Diller
    The Future of Learning NOW
  5. Chrissy HellyerChrissy Hellyer
    The Road Toward Empowerment Through Digital Citizenship
  6. Heather Dowd Heather Dowd
    Visual Literacy: The Overlooked Skill
  7. Jeff UtechtJeff Utecht
    Creating your own classroom guide; RIP textbooks
  8. John Rinker John Rinker
    Making Things Better: Design Thinking in the Classroom
  9. Kim CofinoKim Cofino
    Shifting Your School: Creating a Community of Empowered Teachers
  10. Michael Boll Michael Boll
    Understanding and Connecting to the Nontraditional Student
  11. Nicki HambletonNicki Hambleton
    Demonstrating Learning Visually
  12. Sam SherrattSam Sherratt
    Bubble Up Curriculum
  13. Sarah Fleming Sarah Fleming
    Empowering Voice, Choice and Collaboration Using Mobile Devices
  14. Tico OmsTico Oms
    Rethinking Schools: Building an In-house R&D Capacity
  15. Warren ApelWarren Apel
    Social Entrepreneurship: Student-run Businesses That Can Change the World
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