Adam Clark

Understanding Parenting in a Time of Constant Connection

At this point, there isn’t much question regarding the benefits of integrating technology into our schools. While we are in an incredibly exciting time of increasing possibility, our pervasive use of technology presents a few consistent challenges to both school and home environments. As schools, we are able to implement technological advances alongside well-crafted and effective responsible use agreements. Parents, on the other hand, can find themselves without the resources or understanding to organize their homes or develop the relationships with their children to utilize technology and avoid some of the most likely pitfalls. During this session we will discuss and clarify the most common issues parents encounter as learning requires technology and what schools can do to educate and empower their parent communities.

Outcomes include
  • Increased familiarity and understanding of the most common issues parents and families face regarding technology in the home. There will be some discussion of the tendencies and trends that relate to different developmental stages and genders.
  • Expanded repertoire of strategies for effectively managing technology use at home.
  • A concrete plan for schools to use to educate and empower parents to organize their homes and work with their children as part of a connected learning community.
Intended Audience

For parents of ES, MS, HS children or people who work with parents of those age groups in a pastoral/advisory capacity.

About Adam

Adam Clark is a middle and high school counselor at Yokohama International School. In addition to counseling, Adam also teaches health and Theory of Knowledge. He also has a son in middle school and a daughter in elementary. Find out more about him at

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