Andrew Churches

Andrew Churches

Rethinking Learning in the Age of Technology

Technology is in abundance, its connected, enabled and ready for learning. The exponential growth of information has seen so much material available at the click of a few keys. Anyone and everyone can publish anything at anytime. Technology has continued to develop apace. It has become simpler and easier to use, computers faster, mobiles more powerful and apps cheaper. It is more available and distributed than it has ever been.

How can we harness this abundance? How can we validate the masses of information at our fingertips? Utilize the tools and technology that are so readily available? How can we foster creativity and provide our students with life long skills and processes.

Outcomes and objectives
  • To establish and understanding of the world we live in and the development of technologies
  • To implement structured processes for:
  • Problem solving (Solution fluency)
  • Accessing and validating information (information fluency)
  • Being creative (Creativity fluency)
  • And use these to develop activities, lessons and units of learning.
  • Providing worked and proven examples of the fluencies in teaching and learning.
Intended Audience

The fluencies are applicable to both primary and secondary teachers and students – this is open to all levels

About Andrew

I am a teacher, author, keynote and workshop presenter and ICT enthusiast. I believe that to prepare our students for the future, we must prepare them for change, teach them to question and think, to adapt and modify, to sift and sort. Our students are born into a world where the only constant is change, they are immersed in technology and yet are unaware of how ubiquitous this technology is.

I am fortunate to teach at a school with a technology program that encompasses iPads in the classrooms through out the younger years and a comprehensive BYOD program in the senior years. This reflects the future our students and children will be entering into with ubiquitous portable computing. The use of these technologies has been an inspiration for the books I have written.
Outside of school, I am a family man and when I can get a spare moment I am an outdoor instructor and an adventure enthusiast.

In 2009 I was a finalist in the Microsoft Distinguished educators awards. In 2009, 2010 & 2011, I have been a member of the advisory board for the Australia and New Zealand Edition of the Horizon report and the only secondary or primary school teacher on the advisory board of 32 educational experts.

I am an Apple Distinguished Educator in the class of 2013.

In 2012, I was named a Learning Commons Visionary for 2012 by the editors of Teacher Librarian: the Journal for School Library Professionals.

In collaboration with my colleagues at the 21st Century Fluency project I have written five books. They are:

  • Literacy is not enough (with Lee Crockett and Ian Jukes)
  • The Digital Diet (with Lee Crockett and Ian Jukes)
  • Apps for learning – High School (with Harry Dickens)
  • Apps for Learning – Middle School (with Harry Dickens)
  • Apps for Learning – Elementary School (with Harry Dickens)
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