Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy

Digital Approaches to Formative Assessment


This session will explore ways that digital technologies can significantly enhance traditional formative assessment practices and lead to greater differentiation. It will present a framework that encapsulates the affordances that these digital technologies offer, not just as a substitution or replacement of traditional tools, but to transform and amplify the practices of effective formative assessment. These ideas are grounded in the work of Dylan Wiliam and Paul Black and a model of effective formative assessment. The workshop will also explore how these approaches may help teachers to differentiate and create individualised learning experiences.

Expected Learning Outcomes
  • Develop an understanding of the principles of effective formative assessment
  • Understand how digital technologies can help elicit evidence of understanding
  • Outline ways that digital technologies support providing authentic feedback
  • Exploring ways for students to represent learning using multimodal tools.
Intended Audience

This session is appropriate for:

  • Teachers from Elementary to High School from all subjects
  • Coaches interested in developing technology enhanced assessment.
  • School Leaders looking to developing a model of formative assessment.
About Andrew

Andrew McCarthy is an experienced IB Diploma teacher with experience teaching Economics and Geography both in New Zealand and Singapore. He currently works as a Digital Literacy Coach at United World College of South East Asia, and leads professional development initiatives in use of technology to enhance learning, formative assessment and differentiation. Over his three years at United World College he has lead the development of the iLearn initiative into the Middle and High School, the establishment of the Tech Mentor programme and the articulation of best practise through Subject Toolkits. He is progressing with a Masters of Education through Monash University in Australia and currently involved in the Technology in the IB Working Group.

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