Chrissy Hellyer

The Road Toward Empowerment Through Digital Citizenship


All too often, we hand students and teachers tools without providing a base knowledge of how to effectively use these tools to be active, healthy citizens within our society.  Instead of teaching students to be afraid of what others can learn about them online, the goal is to teach them how digital footprints can connect them to learning communities and opportunities they care about.  This session will break down the huge task of integrating digital citizenship into our curriculum through the following four themes: Learn, Balance, Protect and Respect.

Expected Learning Outcomes

In this extended session, participants will:

  • Explore a multitude of ways to integrate the eight categories from Common Sense Media into an integrated multi curricular framework.
  • Examine methods to protect themselves and others online.
  • Formulate strategies to stay balanced in a world filled with distractions.
  • Begin to construct who they wish to be online.
  • Discriminate what it means to be literate in the digital age.
Intended Audience

This workshop is intended for teachers of MS and HS; Tech Coaches, Literacy Coaches, Learning Coaches, etc; and School Leaders and Administrators.

About Chrissy

An independent Technology & Learning Specialist in various International Schools throughout asia, Chrissy Hellyer has over 15 years experience working with students and teachers using technology in all curriculum areas. Formerly a Middle School teacher in New Zealand, as well as a Technology & Learning Coach at the International School of Bangkok, Chrissy has always been passionate about helping students, teachers and the wider school community to be safe and respectful online, to take control of, and build positive digital profiles, and in particular copyright and fair use in digital literacy.

Chrissy maintains the blog TeachingSagittarian – Living to Learn and is also a CoETaIL instructor for SuNY Buffalo.

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