Michael Boll

Michael Boll

Understanding and Connecting to the Nontraditional Student


Take a look around the modern classroom today and you may find a batch of students all learning in a similar way and succeeding. However, look a little deeper and you will find the outliers; students who are either blazing past everyone or struggling to keep up.

Today, like never before, we have a better understanding of how these students function, what drives them and how we can assist them.

This workshop will focus on how to both identify your unique learners and design a program to improve their ability to succeed.

Learning Outcomes
  • Technology tools for the nontraditional student
  • The impact of sensory integration on our learning
  • The benefits of handheld and mobile technology
  • Learning analytics to inform differentiation
  • Identifying different types of learners
  • The power of workflow and organization
  • Customized/individualized learning
  • Designing differentiated programs for your classroom
Intended Audience

Primarily grades 5-12.  While the workshop will address the needs of some younger students, I don’t have significant expertise in the elementary grades and may not be able to address your specific situation.  Nevertheless, everybody is welcome!

About Michael

Michael Boll is an Apple Distinguished Educator, Entrepreneur, Podcaster and Technology Coach at Concordia International School Shanghai. Michael enjoys helping educators, parents and students harness the transformative powers of technology.

Michael is an enthusiastic instructional designer and presenter.  He works to make his courses and presentations information packed, slightly provocative and fun. He recently co-founded Innovative Professional Development an online PD platform with the mission of facilitating outstanding professional growth opportunities for all teachers.

Michael has a teenage son with profound autism and is keenly interested in the special needs community and its population of diverse learners.  This interest led Michael and his wife, Lori Boll, to open an innovative school in Shanghai, ShineAcademy.asia, for their son and others like him.

For more information about Michael, check out his personal website www.michaelboll.me


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