Nicki Hambleton

Demonstrating Learning Visually


Everyday as educators we ask our students to demonstrate their understanding. How do we do this, what methods do we use and how do we integrate technology authentically into this process?

In a world of information overload we are often faced with walls of text, words and imagery. How can we make sense of, communicate and show our understanding by combining images and text? How can students use these skills to demonstrate their learning?

Understanding Visual Literacy and using technology to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas is key in today’s world and this is changing how we teach and learn. This session will help you to recognise the importance of visual learning, experiment with dedicated apps on the iPad and develop some strategies to help you and your students to synthesize and communicate learning more effectively.

Visual note taking is one of many powerful tools in communicating more visually and we will look at a range of methods to share learning including simple animation RSA Animate style, video and screencasting and combining text, image and voice. The session will conclude with you working on a lesson idea or context to take back to your classroom incorporating visual learning.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will take away a tool kit of ideas and examples of how technology can be used to enhance the communication of learning.

They will:

  • learn and apply some of the principles of visual learning and visual literacy through combining image, text and voice
  • experiment with how to take visual notes for brainstorming ideas, recapping an idea or capturing thoughts and information and how to use simple animation techniques to communicate learning.
  • will create a plan for a unit or lesson that incorporates one or more of these ideas that relates directly to what they are, have or will be teaching.
Intended Audience

All teachers and all subject areas are appropriate.

About Nicki

As a young child I loved to work visually and as an adult I call upon this basic skill to capture my thinking, communicate my ideas, annotate my notes and record visually on the iPad or computer. I am a visual learner. I recall information, ideas and concepts best through images, pictures, diagrams and symbols. As a Middle School Teacher of Art I see students struggle with the mass of information available to them and urge us all to embrace the art of visual thinking and incorporate it into our daily lives.

Nicki Hambleton works as an Middle and High School Art teacher at UWCSEA in Singapore, is an Apple Distinguished Educator and currently a member of the COETAIL online cohort. She is passionate about embedding technology authentically in the classroom and in her daily practice yet retaining a balance with traditional skills. She is keen to share her ideas beyond the art room so that every discipline can benefit from visual thinking and learning.

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