Sam Sherratt

Bubble Up Curriculum


“Stand aside for a while and leave room for learning, observe carefully what children do, and then, if you have understood well, perhaps teaching will be different from before.”
Loris Malaguzzi

By handing over some time – on a regular basis – to the students, and helping them to figure out how they would like to use that time constructively, we can truly begin to allow inquiry to happen in our classrooms. By giving students the permission to bring their world into our world we start to blur the distinctions between, home, school, play, learning and work. By helping students to “see the learning” in all of the things they enjoy doing or are interested in, we can help them improve their ability to learn in different situations. By knowing our curriculum, we can teach intentionally and skillfully as the students’ work bubbles up into and through it.

These sessions will focus on ways to make these things happen. Ideas like “Genius Hour”, ”Passion Projects” and “20% time” have lifted the lid on learning in schools worldwide. But how do we set it up? How do we ensure learning is going on? How do we convince colleagues, parents and school leadership that it is a valuable use of time and space?

  • Why this matters
  • The importance of the teacher’s personality
  • Breaking moulds
  • Getting started
  • “Tagging” the learning
  • Involving and exciting parents
  • Tools that help
  • Telling the stories of learning
Intended Audience

All age groups

About Sam

Sam Sherratt is the IB Primary Years Coordinator at International School Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Brought up as a “Third Culture Kid” in East Africa, Sam is now perpetuating the family tradition and has taught in schools in the UK, Bangladesh, China, Thailand and Vietnam. In each context, Sam has strived for teaching and learning to be as relevant, interesting and meaningful to students as possible and has consistently sought innovative ways to make this happen.

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