Sarah Fleming

Sarah Fleming

Empowering Voice, Choice and Collaboration Using Mobile Devices


What if student agency, empowerment and collaboration were central to the learning culture for every student?  Mobile learning has permeated the educational landscape, but availability of devices alone does not alter pedagogy.  Their true potential is when they are used as a catalyst for collaboration, promoting choice and student ownership in order to meet the needs of all our learners.

In this extended session:

  • Participants will uncover their role as activators (not only facilitators) of learning through the lens of student voice, choice and collaboration.
  • Participants will discover the potential benefits of merging mobile learning devices with expert pedagogy.
  • Participants will work in breakout groups to uncover apps that are available that can empower student voice, choice and collaboration.
Intended Audience

This extended session is appropriate for all levels. Each participant should bring their own iPad or other mobile device.

About Sarah

Sarah Fleming is the Technology and Learning Coach in the elementary school at the International School of Bangkok. She is originally from Canada but has spent the last 8 years overseas. Sarah is currently facilitating a rollout of iPads, and is passionate about ensuring technology is embedded in meaningful and learning-focused ways. She views technology as a powerful reflective, creative and collaborative tool.

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